Friday, August 23, 2013

Natural Pest Control Tips

In my opinion there is no need to use toxic chemicals to control pests such as ants, flies, or cockroaches.  Let me tell you, the cockroaches down here in Florida are large enough to be listed with the post office to receive their own mail.  Eeekkk!  To keep these unwanted visitors from setting up a resident in my home, I do everything I can to make my home an un-appealing destination for them to live.  If a few creatures do make it into our home, natural homemade deterrents and traps will quickly make them want to leave.  It puts my mind at ease that our at home pest control is natural and doesn't danger myself, my family, our kitty Midnight or the environment.

Here are a few ways in which I control those unwanted pests.

Planted Herbs to Keep Ants Away

I plant lavender and peppermint around our house to keep the ants away.  I place them in ground and in pots around doorways, and I place small pots of mint in window sills.

Natural Ant Powder
Dried peppermint, cayenne, and borax help to deter ants.
¼ Cup of Dried Peppermint
¼ Cup of Powdered Cayenne
¼ Cup of Borax
Mix the ingredients together; and sprinkle the powder around the area where ants are entering.

Essential Oil Cockroach Repellent
Cockroaches don’t like the scent of eucalyptus or rosemary essential oils.  I place a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and place it in an area where I have seen a pesky roach.

Homemade Fly Paper
It is super easy to create your own fly paper by spreading molasses onto strips of bright yellow poster board.  Punch a hole at the top and hang the strips with string wherever the flies are a nuisance.

In effort to control bugs on a daily basis here are few things that I do.  I cut off their food source by cleaning up dishes immediately after meals.  Everyday I wipe down my kitchen counters for crumbs, often more than once.  I wash out all of the bottles, jars, and cans that I place in my recycling bins.  I try very hard to eliminate hiding places, getting rid of unneeded paper, bags, and cardboard boxes.

I hope that you found this natural pest control tips helpful.

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Becca Diestelkamp-Woodham said...

Oh thank you for sharing! We always seem to have flies and when we go without rain for a bit (like right now) the ants start making their way in. Thanks for sharing! Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

celine sanderson said...

This has got to be the most exciting blog ever! What in the world can you do when you have tons of garden snakes that roam in your garden? I've been searching for some of the best ways to take them out!
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