Monday, April 11, 2011

Why Use Facial Toner?

Facial Toner is a product that many people use in their daily skin care routine.  The question that people often ask me in my Handmade Soap Booth is; why should I use toner?  Facial toner is sometimes called an astringent, freshener and a skin ph balancer. Toner is supposed to remove excess oil, dirt, grime, makeup and dead skin from the pores and lines of the face that you may have missed after cleansing.

Why Use Facial Toner?
Toner is designed to restore firmness to the skin, and is used after cleansing and before moisturizing. Toner does not need to be washed off your face. It is designed to restore the pH balance back to skin, as well as help minimize wrinkles. Toner also can treat acne before it emerges and help to unclog pores. Toner eliminates oil and shine and refreshes the skin; plus it feels amazing.  Typically after using toner, your face will look tighter and feel softer. Toner is applied to the face using a cotton ball or sprayed directly on your face.
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