Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whipped Body Crème

I am super excited about our wonderful new Whipped Body Crème.  It is very rich and luscious with shea butter, organic sunflower oil and vitamin E.  Tara and I whipped up a bunch of four ounce jars last week.   If some of one don’t know Tara; she works with me part time two days a week.  Her help is invaluable to me and she also is a wonderful sounding board for my random thoughts about soaping and life (poor girl, just kidding).

If your skin feels dry, then you need some indulgences to make it happy.  Our Whipped Body Crème is thick moisturizing cream for heavy duty pampering.  The shea butter melts on contact with your body, soaking in instantly.  It is not greasy, just a wonderful smoothness and softness that lasts.  The scent of Sweet Kisses is simply incredible; fruity and sweet, not at all overpowering.  Smells so yummy and is the perfect scent for summertime.  Plus the whipped shea butter body creme has properties to treat sunburns after soaking up rays from the beach.

If you must have jar shop online at this link:  My Etsy Shop

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retrorevival.biz said...

Wow, Paula! This looks decadent (in a REALLY good way!).