Monday, August 22, 2011

I Love Pinning

My newest obsession is Pinning on Pinterest.  Pinterest is a website that shares images by pinning images you like on different boards and seeing what others are pinning.  Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.  I love browsing all of the fabulous images and linking over to blogs and websites for tutorial or DIY instructions.  I find the images to be so inspirational and creative.

Here is a photo of my “Apron Love” board on Pinterest.  I have always as long as I could remember loved aprons.  Ruffles and aprons; need I say more.
Find me on Pinterest: Paula Parrish 
Do you love aprons?


Getting Hooked said...

Thanks for sharing... I have never heard of pinning... going to check out now :-)
Yes, I dooooo love aprons :-) They bring back a sense of homemaking and family to my mind, always good warm thoughts to have. Take Care :-) said...

Very pretty pins, Paula. You KNOW I'm an apron lover:)

red.neck chic said...

Pinterest... It's like - chocolate. You know - the really really good chocolate that you can't walk away from? I get LOST over there!!!

The aprons are GORGEOUS!!!

;-D robelyn