Friday, June 21, 2013

Nature's Way To Beautiful Feet

Our Foot Care Tote includes all you need to give yourself
a pedicure at home.

It contains a bar of olive oil lavender soap, and a ramie scrubber to wash up,
and buff your feet.
After you wash, enjoy a hot foot bath with a scoop of our Lavender Fizzy Foot Soak.
Once you have soaked your feet to your heart’s content.
Follow up by using the foot brush which includes a pumice stone to help
make your feet soft while eliminating dead skin build up.

These products contain nourishing oils, aromatherapy essential oils,
and detoxifying natural salts.

You are sure to love the new feeling of your feet.
It would also make a great gift for a family member or special friend.
Smiles, Paula

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