Thursday, June 23, 2011

Natural Living on a Budget

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Shopping Organic and Green while still keeping some green in your wallet!
If you’re like me you’re constantly looking for ways to go green and have a more organic home, yet have to be budget conscious.  I recently came across an article in Kiwi magazine about how to do just that.  If you haven’t seen Kiwi yet, you definitely need to pick up a copy.  It’s all about how to raise your family in a natural and organic way.  I’d like to share a few tips with you about how to Go Green and Save money in your home!
-While it may seem hard to locate quality organic items in a grocery store, most are catching up with the trend and some even feature an entire aisle of organic choices, as well as a section in the produce.  Most offer a store brand of organic as well, which will save you tons!  As long as the item has the USDA Organic seal, then it must meet the same standards as the name brand version.  
-Another idea is to switch over slowly.  Each week add 1 or 2 organic items to your list.   It will make the switch easier on your wallet and if you even notice, easier on the refined taste palates of your family members.
-Most stores offer a frequent shopper program, that send out coupons and sales based on your shopping habits.  
-Go directly to the manufacturer of your favorite organic foods and request coupons from the source.
-Visit an online coupon site that specializes in organic coupons
-Ebay -believe it or not ebay has a “Food & Wine” subcategory under Home & Garden that houses coupon.  Just search for organic.  Even  though there is a small cost associated with these coupons, the savings far outweigh it.

Farmers Market
This seems like a no-brainier for fruits and veggies, but most farmers markets also offer tons of local items such as baked good, eggs, milk, cheese, etc.  You also get to talk directly to the people growing the items so you can find out their specific practices.

Clothing, Toys, Books, Household Items
Do not underestimate the treasures waiting to be found at your local thrift store, consignment shop, or even garage sale.  I have found everything from clothes with tags still on them, expensive handbags and backpacks, and even the occasional collectible that I would never pay full price for.  A great way to live green is to re-use clothing, books, and toys instead of buying new.
Skin Care
There are lots of options for natural skin care.  You can even make your owns masks, hair treatments, and nail care items.  Using organic products for this, make it a great choice. At  Natural Garden Soaps we offer a full line natural soaps, skin, and body care items.    All items are handmade and contain natural and organic ingredients.
I hope you are able to take a few of these tips and start on your journey of Going Green, or if you are already making changes, maybe you can pick up a new idea.


Retreauxgirl said...

Great tips! I grew up wearing Garage Sale clothing and still do! I love the treasure hunt.

The Jacksons said...

Thanks so much! My kids love finding new books, clothes, and toys at garage sales! I don't see any reason to buy new when there are so many great things out there that aren't! Thanks for following our blog.