Thursday, June 30, 2011

What to read, what to read?

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I am not a very picky reader.  I enjoy fiction, non-fiction, romance, instructional, and even the occasional children’s book.  I love getting lost in a story that has been created just for the sole purpose of expanding my mind and entertaining me.  I usually don’t put a book down once i have started it, because I have a hard time breaking the trance of the story.  My husband does not understand my obsession, but luckily he is very accommodating and is kind enough not to interrupt once I have entered the “reading zone”!

My recent list includes:
-My Sister’s Keeper
-Water for Elephants
-How do you tuck in a Superhero?
-The Time Traveler’s Wife
-The Memory Keeper's Daughter
-Choosing to SEE
-The Wonder of Boys
-Have a New Kid by Friday
-How to Raise a Gentleman
-The Bible

So, what do you think I should read next?  What are you reading this summer? 

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