Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fizzy Foot Soak

Our feet are hard at work each and every day,
and are commonly the most ignored part of our body.
Our feet support the weight of the body
and so often suffer from muscle tension and dry skin.
Soak your feet for up to an hour in my new Handmade Fizzy Foot Soak.
It will help to relieve muscle pain, stress, stiffness,
softens the skin, and eliminates any foot odors.
My Fizzy Foot Soak is loaded with precious ingredients like
sunflower oil, natural salts and floral extracts, to invigorate your feet.

This wonderful foot soak is packed full of Epsom salt
which is often recommend by MD’s to treat foot pain,
plus the natural salt helps to relax and detoxify the entire body.
Your feet will be happy to absorb some of the minerals in the salt
called magnesium sulfate and this helps relieve pain.
This treatment is also antibacterial and antifungal,
and can help to treat foot and toe fungal condition.

The amazing botanical extracts from lavender will help
to relieve stress and unwind.

Pamper your feet with this handmade cleansing and moisturizing foot soak.
This Foot Soak is the perfect spa treatment for your tired feet!
Fill a foot bath or tub with warm water, simply sprinkle in a handful of foot soak.
Immerse your feet and soak up until your heart’s content.
You will love the feeling!
The lavender essential oil in this soak will leave your feet smelling fresh!
Try out my newest natural skincare item, available for purchase in my Etsy shop.
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Smiles, Paula

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