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How to Go Green with Personal Care

In my personal quest to measure my impact on the earth, there are small things that I do daily to have a positive impact.  From the time that I wake up in the morning I avoid products with chemicals and harmful compounds.  Many common store bought health and beauty products are loaded with tons of chemicals that are potentially harmful to your body and the environment. It is truly disappointing that most commercial manufacturers do not have consumers health in mind as a top priority when designing or manufacturing their products for the mass market.  Therefore, I believe that it is up to me as a consumer, to take a closer look at these products for the safety of my family and the God given planet.  Taking a closer look at these personal care products has lead me to some better, healthier choices for my family, my self, and God’s planet.  The good news is that I have found many companies that have a high standard of care when manufacturing their products.  A few companies that I recommend by personal experience are Natural Garden Soaps ;o), Dr. Bronner’s, and Avalon Organics.

Here is a list of ingredients that I recommend to AVOID.
Parabens. Used as a preservative in many personal cleansing and moisturizing products such as shampoos, lotions, and shaving products.  Parabens are often loaded with yucky methyl, ethyl, and propyl.  Many studies have linked parabens to breast cancer, dermatitis, and allergic skin reactions.
Phthalates.  They are often found in commercially made perfumes, nail polishes, and deodorants. Phthalates are linked to infertility, low sperm counts, and other hormone related problems.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  Countless bath and beauty products contain sulfates. In fact some commercial soaps contain up to 30%, eek.  Sulfates are considered to be highly irritating and dangerous.  Shampoos that include this nasty ingredient are associated with eye irritation, scalp irritation, tangled hair,and frizzy hair. Perhaps of most concern is the link to hormone issues, PMS, oestrogen levels, and cancers.
Top Green Personal Care TIPS.
Make your own beauty treatments at home.  I have numerous natural recipes listed on my sister blog at
Look at the label.  Buy products with natural, organic, earth loving ingredients.  Stick with natural ingredients that benefit your health like; olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, organic herbs, organic vegetables, essential oils and plant derived ingredients grown without fertilizers.
Only use products that you need.  Kick out cosmetics, nail polishes, and unnecessary hair products. Which may contribute to air pollution, carbon emissions, and millions of pounds of waste.  It has been freeing to simplify my life, and have less clutter.
Toss out aluminum based deodorants.  For better health and environment replace your deodorants with natural product.  I believe that spending a few extra dollars is worth it to keep myself and my family away from aluminum and other toxins.
Don’t use cheap shaving cream. Instead of that nasty store-bought aerosol can with the funky smell, use 100% aloe vera gel to shave instead. Works great and is awesome for your skin.
I hope that you found this information to be informative
and helpful for your lifestyle.
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