Friday, July 26, 2013

Honey, Honey, Honey

Everything you might not know about honey . . . and more!

Honey is one of nature’s purest ingredients, the sticky goodness is the result of hard many working honeybees.

Honey changes it’s texture and appearance over time, and is sensitive to its environment.  Amazingly some batches of honey appear to be thousands of years old and do not go bad.

Bees have been producing honey for at least 150 million years.

Did you know that honey bees must visit approximately two million flowers to make one pound of honey.  They are extremely hard working bees.

Honey has antiseptic powers, and assists in creating a protective barrier on burns or cuts.  It helps in the skin’s natural processes of healing itself and fighting off infection.  

Our Honey Bee & Oatmeal Soap has super softening powers thanks the honey, which is blended into each fresh batch of soap.  Our Almond Body Scrub Cubes contains honey, adding to its effective scrubbing powers.  We at Natural Garden Soaps add honey to many of our natural skin care products.  Honey is a wonderful ingredient because it is a great moisturizer, and adds a rich texture to our products.

Depending on the source of the nectar, the honey produced can range in color, texture, scent and taste. Every batch of honey is different, thanks to differences in weather and flowers used for production from season to season.

Honeybees are only dangerous when they are defending their colony, when they are buzzing about in the garden they are perfectly harmless.

Once bees settle into a new spot, it can take only 72 hours for them to begin producing honey. They are the ultimate team workers!

Have allergies? Take a teaspoon a day of a honey made from the region where you live, and it will aid in developing resistance to pollen.  Therefore reducing your seasonal allergies.

I love to contribute to community efforts, and I purchase honey harvested locally.

I appreciate all of the hard working honey bees producing honey out there in the world.  Honey is one of nature’s finest gifts, and a remarkable, sticky and truly amazing God given substance.

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