Friday, August 2, 2013

Man Up with Man Soap

Ok Guys! You can have your Man Cave,
and you can have your Man Soap.
A soap handmade according to the taste of a man.
You can man up with the minty, earthy, fresh scent of Man Soap.
Experience the cool, tingling sensation that soothes and cleanses your skin.
You are sure to feel 100% more manly when you lather up all over
with the fresh blast of peppermint and eucalyptus.
The crushed dried peppermint in this bar will give you extra scrubbing power,
so you come out squeaky clean and looking good.

Beware after scrubbing with Man Soap you may feel an increase
in energy and concentration.
You may be motivated to work on that “Honey Do List”.  Or Not?
You will feel uplifted and smell fantastic, so you can get out in the world
and make lasting memories.

So what are you waiting for Man Up with some Man Soap.
The great news is that you can buy some Man Soap,
and you will still have some extra money for grilling and beer.
Thanks for stopping by, and reading my banter
about all things Man Soap.

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