Thursday, August 8, 2013

Quick Facial Sauna

Steaming is absolutely a part of your regular skincare regimen.  Professional estheticians and frequent spa goers understand its benefits of a steam facial.  I love to save money so I skip the bill, and do your own 10 minute at home three times a month.  The steam draws toxins out of pores, and softens the skin.

How it works!  The steam gently heats up the delicate facial skin causing you to sweat, the pores to open up,  and the impurities are flushed out through the open pores.

Are you looking for a quick and easy steam facial?  Here it is a easy herbal tea facial sauna recipe to try at home.

DIY Quick Facial Sauna

Pour four cups of boiling water over one tea bag each of chamomile and peppermint in a large heatproof bowl.  Let is steep uncovered for about two minutes, then make a towel tent over your head and the bowl.  Stay under the towel for 10 minutes capture all of the wonderful steam.

Steaming works for all skin types but if you suffer from severe acne or Rosacea, do NOT steam. The heat exposure will irritate your skin.

GO ahead and pampering yourself with a steam facial, sure you have the time.

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